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Major Track Upgrade 2020 - 2021

In line with current government guidelines regarding coronavirus we are suspending all public activities of the KDMES for 2020. We are as disappointed as you are but are taking the opportunity during these uncertain times to make improvements to the track.

Please note that Marley activities centre is a restricted area as it is used for Covid 19 testing. Please do not attempt to visit the site.

First day back after lockdown This was the sight that greeted us when we visited Marley railway track for the first time after lockdown. Marley was being used as a Covid 19 testing station so we had special permission to assess what we planned to do while public running was suspended.
Grass cutting first First job was to cut the grass. Fortunately the weather had been hot with little rain so it was not too bad. That was to change in a few weeks.
Starting to survey. Derek brought his theodolite to help the survey. It went in the middle of the first curve and we then took readings to find out how much the track went up and down.
Week 2. Behind the bushes near the river. We got into our stride and in week two got down the back straight and then on to the curve behind the bushes where the tunnel used to be.
Week 3. Round by the car park. Week three and we took the readings round by the car park and on to the steaming bay.
The rain came as we got to the station. The last job was along the station as it started to rain. At least all the measuring was finished for Derek to draw out the track and start to work out what quantities of materials we might need.
Marking out trench for excavator Derek and Ian set off round the top curve with a couple of chains dangling from a cross beam on a truck. The grass was spray painted to mark out where the excavator should dig a trench.
End of excavator trench at beginning of back straight. The trench was marked out on the grass either side of the track to the beginning of the back straight. This is as far as we will go for the moment as the back straight was rebuilt only a few years ago.
Supervising the removal of bolts in the track. All the bolts holding the track down had to be removed so the curve could be dismantled.Colin took a major role supervising the work.
Bolts undone and track about to go. With the bolts undone the track was loosed before being stored away.
All the track on the first curve stored away. End of a good afternoon's work. All the track on the first curve stored away.


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