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Class 50 Diesel electric locomotive This is a model of a class 50 Diesel electric locomotive, though in the model form it is run on batteries. This model is produced by Phoenix locos. Owned by Keith it is being driven here by Alwyne.
Keith's Class 40 Diesel locomotive Keith owns this model Class 40 locomotive. It has six electric motors which makes it a very powerful engine.
Geoff's V1 This is Geoff's LNER V1. A 3 cylinder 2-6-2, it is a very powerful loco with a good turn of speed.
Alco Mountaineer 'Mountaineer' is a model of a locomotive built for military work in the first world war. The Full size loco is now at work on the Ffestiniog Railway in Wales.
LMS Black 5 locomotive 'Black 5's and the later 'Standard 5' were very popular on the full sized railways with over 1000 being built. Bert built this one to 3 1/2" gauge following drawings and instructions in the 'Model Engineer'.
Owain Glyndwr This is a 3.5" gauge model of a narrow gauge locomotive from the Vale of Rheidol Railway. It has twin water pumps on extensions of the piston rods which makes it easier to control the water level in the boiler.
model of Dean Goods steam Locomotive This GWR 'Dean goods' was built from drawings Bert made by measuring the original loco. It is surprisingly powerful for its size.
Western Region diesel hydraulic Although the original is diesel hydraulic this model is driven by electric motors powered by batteries. These electric locos are quicker to get ready and put away so tend to be used at the beginning and end of the day. However, they will be used at other times as passenger numbers require. This model is produced by Phoenix locos.
Class 33 Diesel  Although only part built this Class 33 Diesel is able to haul loads around the track. It is a model of one of only 98 Diesel locos built for the Southern region in the early 1960s.
Simplex steam tender locomotive This locomotive was built in 1978 and is based on the popular 'Simplex' design. Here it is arranged as an 0-6-0 tender locomotive.
Simplex locomotive as a GWR 0-6-0 tank Andrew saw this at an Estate sale and couldn't resist adding to his collection. It is also to a Simplex design but looks very different to the tender loco above.

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Junie being steamed on bonfire night 'Junie' is also owned by Andrew. This is a 'Sweet Pea' loco of pedigree as it was one of the locos built to test the original design. Still popular, parts are supplied by Blackgates Engineering. Here it is getting up steam on bonfire night.
Bagnall saddle tank loco Sally is a scale model of a Bagnall 0-4-0 saddle tank. It is built to a design known as 'Ann of Holland', which was serialised in the Model Engineer. Built by Tom Rowlands in 1950, it is now owned by Keith who has run her almost every year for the last 30 years.
1920s London Transport Electric Loco This is a model of a Metropolitan-Vickers locomotive built to work on the London Underground. It weighed 60 tons and was driven by four 300hp electric motors. There are two original locos still in existence.
Kerr Stuart Wren class model Locomotive 'Jim Lad' is modelled on the Kerr Stuart Wren class locomotive. Mike has had the loco for 9 years and so has become very experienced at maintaining steam despite the small boiler.
This class '08' diesel is based on the popular shunting engine. The design is old enough to be the first diesel in the Reverend Awdry's books. The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway have a full sized version and they use it on their 'Thomas' weekends. It can be seen at kwvr.co.uk/dieselpage.
Vic's loco 'Northern Union' is a freelance loco modelled from a line drawing of a GP35 high horsepower road switcher scaled down to 5" gauge. No castings were used in the construction.
Type 31 diesel locomotive This Class 31 Diesel was built from a kit by Compass House Models. Like other diesel models it is actually powered by electricity. This one has two 12 volt batteries and 4 electric motors

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Sweet Pea design locomotive Airedale 'Airedale' was purchased by Roy in 1985. Another engine of Jack Buckler's 'Sweet Pea' design, it is here in the style of a Welsh quarry loco.
Hunslet locomotive Charles 'Charles' is based on a class of loco which is to be found on the Ffestiniog Railway in Wales. Dave used to be a fireman there as a teenager, so he enjoys reliving his memories with this powerful model. 

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LBSC Tich Locomotive Tom Smith is the proud owner of 'Tiny Tim'. It is a 3 1/2" gauge version of the 'Tich' design by LBSC. Despite its' small size it will happily pull it's driver around our track.
steam outline locomotive Despite it's appearances this is loco is powered by a battery which is hidden under the saddle tank. It provides fun for the owner without the extra work that a steam loco brings.
Polly steam locomotive Chris took 5 months to build this engine from a kit. It is a 'Polly V' type locomotive with the parts made by Polly Model Engineering. It is loosely based on the Great Western Prairie Tank.
Elizabeth's 0-4-0 diesel 'Elizabeth' is owned by our youngest member, and named after her. This just goes to show that you don't have to be old and male to enjoy this hobby.
Small battery loco Younger members are encouraged, though they are not allowed to haul passengers until aged 16. This electric loco that James is trying out had just been bequeathed to the club. 
GER 0-4-0 steam locomotive This GER 0-4-0 Tank is a 5" gauge Y4, built by the late Peter Walton who only had one arm. It is now owned by Geoff.
Model of Lion locomotive in 5 inch gauge The "LION" is a visitor from the Isle of Man. It is on loan to one of our members who lives there.
BR Standard 4 in 3/2 inch gauge This 3 1/2 " gauge model of a BR Standard 4 is now owned by Chris Smith. A very nice little loco. He was given it in 2008, but it needed a little work doing before it's first outing in 2009.
Maxitrack electric locomotive This MAXITRAK Hunslet is owned by one of our very keen junior members, Matthew. It performs very well on two very small 12v motors and will pull 2 or 3 adults easily.


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