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IOM yachts being sailed on Weecher

Skippers sailing International One Metre yachts on Weecher.

Micro Majic class model yacht Micro Magic


The Micro Magic is a small radio controlled, sailing yacht, manufactured in Germany and based on the design of trans-Atlantic racing yachts. Owing to the close, exciting racing, coupled with the superb value for money, the Micro Magic has enjoyed an explosion of popularity in Germany, Holland , France, Spain and Switzerland, and recently boats are being raced here in the UK, Canada and the USA.

With a typical on the water cost, including the radio equipment, of less than £150, the Micro Magic makes both a fantastic entry boat and a high performance class racer.

More information at UK Micro Magic Class Association

International One Metre sailing yatchIOM yacht showing hull IOM - International One Metre

These boats are light, responsive and fun to sail. This is the most popular of the international classes and is sailed at most MYA clubs. The class rule is 'closed' and many aspects of design, materials and construction are restricted in an attempt to promote close competition. However the rule is designed to allow the DIY enthusiast some freedom to construct an inexpensive and competitive boat. The important speed related criteria of length, draught, displacement and sail plan are limited to a maximum of 1000mm, 420mm, 4kg and 3 prescribed rigs.

More information at GBR IOM Class

Dragon Force RG65 yatch Dragon Force

The Dragon Force is a 65 cm long yatch which puts it in the RG65 class. KDMES member John Tushingham has been involved in the development of this yacht. The idea was to design a radio controlled racing yacht that is readily available at an affordable price. The Dragon Force can be raced as an RG65 or against other Dragon Force yatchs only within its own strict design rules with three measured rigs/sails.

More information at dragonforce65.com or rg65.org.uk



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